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Mirza Agha Jaan Kashani (Khadimullah)

Calamities falling on “Servant of God” Mirza Agha Jaan Kashani (Khadimullah)

He was known as the first who believe in Baha’u’llah, he was surname by Baha’u’llah as “The Servent in Presence” and “Servant of God” he stood by Baha’u’llah throughout his journey and was always present with him, and obeyed all his command. After the sad demise of Baha’u’llah history shows the treatment he received from the jand of Abdul Baha.
Mirza Jawad Qazvini in his Epitome mentioned the calamities fallen on this noble soul.

Page 73-75

On the 28th day of May, 1897 A. D., the Servant of God, Mirza Agha Jan, invited all the friends (believers) to dine with him at Behja near by the Sacred Tomb. In the afternoon when they finished eating and drinking the tea, the Servant of God stood up in the midst thereof and lectured to them saying “ The Servant of God kept himself quit and silent and never said a thing in those few past years, in order to avoide disturbance and dissension among the believers, but now, I (the Servant) see that my silence has perhaps augmented the difference in the cause of God; therefore, my duty is to state to you my knowledge and opinion in regard to this question. All the actions and the teachings which were promulgated and claimed by Abbas Effendi and his supporters are erroneous and contrary to the command of God and against His doctrines and laws revealed in the Sacred Books. The Covenant and the Oath, which were mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, both belong only to the Manifestations of God, who appeared in the past and Who will appear in the future. Abbas Effendi ascribed both of them to himself without evidence or proof, yet, you have accepted his claim and believed him and committed a gross error in so doing.”

Abbas Effendi having been informed to that effect, at once, he came there and took the Servant by his hand and put him outside the place, barefooted and bare headed, while his followers were striking the Servant strong blows on his face and head, although he begged and cried to be left alone for the sake and respect of the Sacred Tomb, they did not heed his crying nor his appeal. At last they imprisoned him in a stable and robbed him of all the Sacred Tablets which he was carrying, and in a few hours later they freed him after calling him by different names as violator, backslider, devil, etc., etc., indeed it was not meant on their part to treat so cruelly the Servant of God as they did. He faithfully for forty years stood before the Throne and served Beha’u’llah. In one of the Sacred Tablet Beha’u’llah said in his favor the following: “And after that on the Branches, a praised station was ordained for the Servant standing before the Throne.”

On many occasions, the Servant opposed Abbas Effendi and his followers, because of their claims and teachings, and he was in perfect accord with Mohammed Ali Effendi, that there is no one besides Beha’u’llah in the kingdom, and that His teachings and Utterances suffice the world.

On the 17th day of May, 1901 A.D., the Servant of Beha’u’llah died at Behja after an illness of about fifteen days, and was buried at Abi-Atobah. His funeral and burial were pompously conducted by the Mightest Branch, Mohammed Ali Effendi.

While alive the Servant of God has very often declared in the presence of the Branches and some others of the Holy Family as well as of the Sprays (Afnan) and friends that whatever he possesses of the Sacred Effects belongs to God, and ought after his death to be placed in the Sacred Tomb. On his death Mohammed Ali Effendi, Badi’u’llah Effendi, the author and some others, went to a house mear the Sacred Tomb and gathered those Sacred things that the Servant had. They were as follows: 12 pieces of the Sacred Photos; 217 Tablets written by the Supreme Pen; a number of the Sacred Taj and garments, and number of the blessed hairs, good many Sacred volumes, and epistles, bound and unbound, some special things, a few epistles which were composed by the Servant himself on the Divine Unity and Infallibility. They wrote those things on a sheet of paper, and put them in three boxes, which they sealed and placed as deposit in the house of Seyed Ali Effendi, the son-in-law of our Great Master, Beha’u’llah, for he being a Russian subject can preserve them against the tyranny of the despotical officials. Lately it appeared that Abbas Effendi in the month of Safar 1327 A.H., answering the month of May, 1908 A.D., persuaded the Holy leaf and her husband Seyed Ali Effendi and sent by night his son-in-law Mirza Mohsen and Agha Reda Shirazi in his special carriage at Behja from which they brought to him the three boxes wherein the things were deposited, without anybody’s knowledge. It is said that Abbas Effendi opened those boxes before some people (of his followers) and distributed some of the contents on them, and kept the rest. Till now nobody knows what become of them.

Points from passage

1.     Abdul Baha showed no respects to the households of Baha’u’llah for his egoistic nature, even he has showed no respects for the Servant of God, Agha Jan Kashani, he manhandled him and imprisoned him and robs his belonging even after his death.

2.     Hence we Unitarian Baha’is believe that as per the Will and Testaments of Baha’u’llah, his second son Mohammed Ali Effendi become true successor of faith who in spite of excommunication continued in spreading the message of Baha’u’llah and protected his households and companion, and gave them the proper respect.

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