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Disobedient Son of Baha'u'llah

Abbas Effend The disobedient Son of Baha’u’llah

Historian in many places have narrated the disobedient of Abdul Baha in regards to teaching of Baha’u’llah, his arrogant attitude towards the house hold of Baha’u’llah , here we would like to bring few facts from the most authentic book which was written by one of the loyal servant of Baha’u’llah who was present with him from propagation till his death, he  narrated the incident as he has seen in his book “Risala” (Epitome) or “A Brief History of Beha’ullah: The founder of baha’i Religion” the book was published in 1914. The author was Mirza Jawad Qazvini”
From Page 62-68


It is necessary for the enlightenment of the reader, to close this history by briefly mentioning some of the undesirable happening and event, which followed each other after the departure of our Glorious Lord Beha’u’llah most of which I have seen with my own eyes, and others of which were given to me by reliable and authoritative person. The purpose is to admonish the members of the House of Justice and the people of steadfastness, that they may rise up and correct the mistakes and the gross errors which crept into this religion and that they may bring this sad dissension unto an end.
The firs step toward dissension took place directly after the departure. Abbas Effendi concealed a part of the last will of Beha’u’llah, entitled “The Book of My Covenant”, which was given to him, written in the sacred handwriting of the father, Himself. On the ninth day after the ascension of Beha’u’llah, Abbas Effendi selected nine belivers, myself and eight others, and gave us the said Will. “The Book of My Covenant”, that we may look at it, as a favor and blessing bestowed on us. While eagerly we were gazing at it, we discovered that the last part therof was covered and concealed by a blue paper. Abbas Effendi requested one of us, Agha Riza to read it, with exception of the part which was covered by said blue paper. Agha Riza obediently did so. When Abbas Effendi turned to us and said “For discretion and wisdom I concealed a part of “The Book of My Covenant”, because the time is not ripe to reveal all of it.” So also later in the afternoon, Abbas Effendi, asked Majd Addin Effendi, while they were at the sacred Tomb of Beha’u’llah and in the presence of the Branches, as well as other adherents and pilgrims, to read the same will with the exception of the concealed part thereof, Majd Addin Effendi obeyed.

The intelligent people know that the commandments in “The Book of My covenant” were revealed for the sake and benefit of all the followers of Beha’u’llah. Certainly it was breach of trust on the part of Abbas Effendi to conceal a part thereof. He had no right to do so. There is no doubt that Beha’u’llah revealed it to reach every word therein to His followers, otherwise He would not have written it in His own sacred handwriting. It behooves the obedient children to abide by the Will of the Father, and not to show a part and hide another, merely because it is contrary to their own ideas and personal desires. Beha’u’llah said to one of the Behai guides: “O Jamal ! I have spent my body and soul in order to elevate the word of God and strengthen the cause of the Lord, the Mighty the Generous. If we will find anyone of the Branches (Sons) doing what is contrary to the Will of God, we will in justice cut him out; and I am the Mighty, the powerful.”

The second step in this dissension was, that as soon as Abbas Effendi was established as the head of the people of Beha, he began to ascribe to himself, Supreme and Divine Station and positions, which belong to the Manifestations of God only. He declared himself to the American believers and others as a Christ, the Divine Son of the Manifestation of Servitude, which were claimed by and belonged to Beha’u’llah only. In plain and simple language Beha’u’llah said, “There shall be no manifestation until after the completion of a full thousand years from this manifestation. Should some one anywhere claim a mission, he is a lying imposter.”
In Ketabi-Ackdas He said “Whosoever clameth a mission before the completion of a full thousand years from this Manifestation is a lying imposter; whosoever interpreteth or explaineth this text different from what is obviously revealed, is bereft of the Sprit of God and His Mercy.”

Abbas Effendi claims in one of his epistles, saying, “Verily the entire matter comes to this Manifested Station (Abbas), and no one shuld move save by his permission.” Also Abbas Effendi said, “Whosoever calleth the people in my name is of Me.”
But our Gracious Lard Beha’u’llah taught us as follows: “Whosoever claimeth a Station, Attraction, Devotion and Love in any other name save in this, is one of those who have gone astray, even though he is competent to give every elucidation, to make rivers flow from rocks, to direct currents of the winds, and to cause the rains to fall.”
Abbas Effnedi claimeth in one of his Persian epistles thus: “Sayeth all things return to and center in the utterances of this pen.” (Abbas utterances).

But Beha’u’llah taught us in Persian text as follows: “What this Oppressed One requireth of all the people is, to be just and equitable and not to be satisfied by mere hearing, but by rather pondering over what was revealed by His pen (Beha’s pen). By the Sun of Knowledge who is shining from the Horizon of the heaven of the kingdom of the Merciful, if there were in existence a commentator or a Revealor, We would not have allowed ourselves to become the target for the ridicules and insult of the people.” Also He said in Sourat Kalam (Tablet of the Pen): “Whosoever thinketh in his heart that his pen has a resemblance to a partnership with or a relationship to this pen (Baha’s Pen), or even hath the knowledge of what was revealed thereby, verily, the evil hath whispered in his innermost, thus this matter was revealed, were ye of those who know.”
Abbas Effendi said in a Persian epistal: “This servant (Abbas), is the commentator of the Manifest Book (Utterances of Beha), and if any of the Utterances of God were not approved by him (by Abbas), they should not be considered authentic.”

Beha’u’llah said: “The Conenant was taken in the beginning of this Appearance, from those who become believers, that they should not worship save God, and should not cause corruption on earth.”

Abbas Effendi ascribed all the Covenants and oaths to himself, He said the following in persian: “In brief, from the beginning of creation until now, no Covenants nor Oaths were taken so obviously as this Covenant (himself). Yea, many were established, yet none of them were under the shadow of the tree—Anisah and Sadres-el-Montaha (the Tree of Knowledge of that Life) (himself), they were all as signs and symbols. But in this Great period and Manifest time the point of Oath is well known everywhere, and the center of the Covenant (Abbas), is acknowledged amidst the people of the world.”
Beha’u’llah said in Persian: “Should anyone bring forth writings as much as there are in the books of the world and at the same time speaketh that which God doth not wish, he is considered in the Book of God and written by the Supreme Pen as one of the people of Fire.”

Abbas Effendi claims in a Persian epistle thus, “The cause of God fully pointed to this celebrated and illustrious position (Abbas), and this station (Abbas), in every respect for all those who are on earth, which is like unto t the sun, distinguished, apparent and established.”

Besides what was mentioned, there are many other claims of his, whoseever wisheth to know more about them can read the epistle entitled “Atian-el_Dalil” (Producing the Evidence), which is written in the handwriting of one of the well known believers, and wherein his many claims are detailed.

The third steps in this dissension is the destruction of the most important teachings and precepts of beha’u’llah by Abbas Effendi.

Beha’u’llah, glory be to Him in most of Hiss Utterances and in His last Will, “The Book of My Covenant”, commanded His followers to strive to efface dissension, to extinguish the fire of hatred because of differences in faith, and to consort with all people of different religions with kindness and love, as He said in the Following Persian text: “By the Sun of Truth, who is shinning from the horizon of the heaven of the prison, the Ancient Beauty desireth no quarrel nor dispute neither that which saddeneth the hearts.” Turn ye to the Utterances wherein He commandeth: “Consort with all the people of difference in faith with love and fragrance.” “Rhe purpose of this appearance is, to extinguish the fire of hatred which is kindled in the hearts because of difference in faiths and quit it by the sweet elucidation of the Divine precepts and the Godly admonitions.”

In the year 1888 A.D., Beha’u’llah revealed a Tablet written in His Sacred Handwriting wherefrom the following Great Verse hath risen out of the horizon of the Supreme Pen: “O people ! Speak good in behalf of your fellow creatures and mention them not in evil nor in that which causeth the sould to grieve.” Also at that same year He prohibited backbiting and slander, for the tongue was created to pronounce the Truth, and it is a shame to defile it by backbiting and uttering what bring sorrow and grief to mankind.”
Also in the “Book of My Covenant”, he said: “The aim of the Oppressed One in suffering hardships and calamities, and in revealing verses and producing evidences is to extinguish the fire of hatred and rancor that the horizons of the hearts of men may be enlightened by the light of unity and concord, in order that they may attain the real rest.”
Also He said in the above mentioned Book : “O people of the earth, The religion of God is love and unity, make it not a cause for enmity and dissension.”

Alas ! Abbas Effendi destroyed these Great Principles and Supreme purpose because of his special and personal aims and desires, and thus he laid the foundation of hatred and discord among the people of Beha and created this dissension and caused separation between brother and sister, parents and children, husband and wife, and between the friends of laong standing. Furthermore, whosoever did not yield and agree to his ideas and doctrines and did not speak evil against his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi, and against the Sacred Family of Beha, he was named by different names as Nakiz (Violater). Motazelzil (Doubter), and kafir (Infidel). Also Abbas Effendi ordered his followers to abstain from meeting, speaking, dealing with or accompanying the Violaters (Nakizeen).

The author decided, for the sake of brevity, to mention a few only of the numerous causes which developed and brought about this sad dissension whereby the followers of Beha were divided into two parties; one of them being the followers of Abbas Effendi, which is the larger party. They ascribed to Abbas Effendi the Supreme Infallibility and considered him a Manifestation who could do whatsoever he wisheth, asit was elucidated in their epistles, written in the handwritings of well known persons of that party. Also, they qualified him by the highest attributes and Supreme Stations which belongs only to the Manifestation of God, and they called themselves the “Steadfast”
The Second party, which is a great deal less in number, abandoned Abbas Effendi when they discovered that his claims, teaching, as well as his principles, were contrary to the commandments of our Glorious Lord. They joined his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi, because he was found obedient to God and devoted to the teachings of Beha’u’llah and took the standing of a finger post pointing only to the Father. They called themselves the “Believers in the Oneness of God.”

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